Below are the rules for the dumpster you booked. Let us know if you have any questions and please respond to this email that you agree to the terms.

  1. We bring you a 20 yard cubic yard dumpster. When we pick up the dumpster we will visually see how many cubic yards are in it. If the dumpster is filled more than the purchased amount, we will charge you accordingly.
  2. We take the full price up-front as a deposit. After the dumpster is picked up and we find out the actual weight, we will charge the remaining accordingly
  3. Our dumpster prices are as follows:
    1. 10 Cubic Yards - $549 (1 ton/2,000 lbs.)
    2. 15 Cubic Yards - $649 (2 tons/4,000 lbs.)
    3. 20 Cubic Yards - $749 (3 tons/6,000 lbs.)
    4. 30 Cubic Yards - $899 (4 tons/8,000 lbs.)
  4. When you go over weight limit, the charge is $0.10 per. When we pick up dumpster and get the certified weight from the transfer station this is when we will know the true weight and you will be charged accordingly.
  5. Dumpster can only be filled flat to the top rail of the dumpster. If the dumpsters are overfilled, there will be a mandatory additional charge of $250.
  6. TV'S, tires, paint/ chemicals, propane tanks, AC’s, etc. have extra charges. Please place these items next to dumpster and we will load them accordingly when we arrive to retrieve the dumpster.
    1. TV's are  $35 per.
    2. Paint is $5 per.
    3. Tires are $25 per.
    4. AC's are $35 per.
    5. Chemicals $5 per.
    6. Propane tanks $35​ ​per
    7. Mattresses $100 per
  7. There will be an additional charge of $150 for any new drywall that is put into the dumpster. We get charged for disposing it.
  8. Can only be one type of material. No mixing. Automatic $500 charge for us having to manually dig through dumpster (Brush, grass, dirt, rocks, concrete, brick, leaves).... WE CANNOT TAKE PAINTED BRICK
  9. Do NOT load anything over the side by using the side of the dumpster for leverage. Hand loading only. No machines. You will be responsible for any damage to the dumpster for not following these rules.  Our dumpsters are in pristine condition and don't want them getting beat up.
  10. You get the dumpster for 1 week. Anything over this is $10 per day. If you need the dumpster for a little longer, let us know. If you do not let us know, we will begin charging $10/day immediately after 7 days.
  11. You are responsible for the dumpster while it is in your possession. This includes damage to the dumpster as well as other people loading stuff into the dumpster.
  12. We always put wood under our dumpsters and pay careful attention to proper placement. However we are not responsible for any damage to your driveway/grass. Rent at your own risk.
  13. 90% of the dumpster must be filled with trash or general junk. 10% can be filled with trees, branches, rocks, dirt, bricks, etc.
  14. If the dumpster is being used solely for yard debris, this must be specified at the time of booking.